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We all like free stuff or not ArtMijn.nl

Photo by Štefan Štefančík

Keep creating and learn something new

It is free and you improve yourself

Something for you all in English!?

Would you like, it is free or not

Something for you all to experience and follow.
Maybe something you haven't spend one thought about, but free and improving your work by just drawing a box? well, a lot of people swear it works.
His work can be seen all over YouTube for Free, but he does some in-depth courses you can check out and it is 30-days free So maybe something 4youall?
  • There are some alternatives for Adobe.com and it seems that during this worldwide pandemic you can try it for 60 days free, creative cloud There is something with even a longer free period of try before you buy and that is
  • affinity.serif.com for photo, designer, and publisher and now 90 days free to try, did you ever use it?
  • something, where you can start from scratch, is ctrlpaint.com you can even get a free brush pack for PhotoShop so go and check it out
  • lie-of-action.com where you can find lots of material and model to work with but does require for you to sign in
  • svslearn.com is also giving a 30-day free trial so maybe go and start a light and shadow course
  • and showing some appreciation for brad with his YouTube channel and inspiring this post look what he is all about? then visit brad.site
That will give you all something to do during these days, keep drawing and inspiring us all!
and thank you all for the nice artwork and comments here, stay safe and healthy and keep creating!

is there something else you would like mentioned here then contact me or let me know in the comment section

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